Welcome to the Spread Betting School.

We offer a radically different approach to people who want to learn to Spread Bet. We are not in the business of pretending that we can make you a millionaire overnight. We don’t claim to offer an instant pathway to wealth.

What we do offer is over 20 years experience, more than anyone else offering Spread Betting tuition. We can show you how to bet, how to reduce your risk and proven techniques for ensuring that you remain profitable. And we only teach Spread Betting - not FOREX or Futures or Options or any other get rich quick stuff.

We do this via a variety of methods. Beginners can sign up for our self-teaching course. This will give you all the basics.

You may want to come to one of our small workshops, held in Hampshire, to join fellow investors in progressing your knowledge. Or you may decide to have one to one tuition, which is often requested by seasoned investors who want to get ‘under the skin’ of what Spread Betting is all about.

The Spread Betting School is unique in being the first establishment to offer a Diploma to prove that you have gathered sufficient knowledge to spread bet. Under MIFID rules this is likely to be a legal requirement.

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We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses.

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